What do we offer?

Joining Berocam Consulting means participating in a large project.

Our Customers are first referenced in each of their areas and the types of projects developed allows a high degree of autonomy and visibility within these customers.

Our growth opens doors to professionals who want to develop their career further internationally and currently has a significant number of initiatives outside Spain.

We offer a work demanding environment based on personal respect experience and contribution of each of our professionals which can develop professional and personal skills within the field of consulting supported by the experience of the whole team

What you can expect from us:

  • Clear communication
  • Respect for the individual
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Stimulating projects
  • Pursuit of relevant responsibility
  • Clarity about what is required
  • Flexibility and support

What are we looking for?

We seek professionals with a passion for excellence.

We look for people with proven experience in counselling or consulting to join our team of Senior Consultants and Principals.

We seek professionals who even without extensive experience in the sector have a strong personal desire to learn and soak in the telecommunications sector. To do this we require mastery of basic tools for analysis and management

Summary of what we expect from you:

  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Awareness towards our clients’ challenges and needs
  • Professionalism
  • High level of commitment
  • Clear communication
  • Flexibility and enthusiasm for new challenges
  • Respect and active support of Berocam brand and style

Associate partner

I have been 14 months working with Berocam as an Associate Partner in different projects. Berocam is formed by a team of experts where collaboration teamwork and learning is a daily reality. After 13 years in multinational company I am extremely pleased with the change made. In Berocam the benefit-effort is much higher. You work on a day to day providing your personal experience over the years getting immediate results for your work (customer demand and the feedback is continuous). Certainly there are days when you work at a tremendous pace but the results are worth it. In addition Berocam has a clear rule you organize you while the work is impeccable. I personally can combine my personal life with work.

Senior Consultant

Berocam has allowed me to improve my focus and confront the various projects in which I work making it more efficient and increasing the quality of work. Similarly it has allowed me to grow occupationally deepen technical and specialize more in Telco projects allowing me to have a more global view of the business.

Working here allows you to tackle tasks more efficient flexible and dynamic way than in more traditional work structures reaching a higher quality of work performed. Relationships with colleagues are very fluid close and have the support and advice of the equipment at all times.

Junior Consultant

Junior Consultant

My experience in Berocam is based on daily work and commitment is a young and dynamic company.
It gives me motivation personal and professional growth through dealing with colleagues the objectives and the daily requirement we work together in partnership open minded and seeking new perspectives prompting each other with full support from both peers and the partners.

Berocam allows me to share projects and experience with professionals in different fields organizational difference from previous experiences freedom of schedule and the ability to organize your time as an own resource within the company can develop responsibility and commitment at work.



In Berocam I could develop professionally as a consultant. I gained the ability to undertake increasingly demanding professional challenges thanks to the continuous improvement of knowledge and skills.

The differential formula of Berocam´s way of work is based on communication and flexible composition of human teams with different specialists profiles that best meet the needs of each project. The variety of clients and projects and professional development of methods and proprietary solutions are shared and are the foundation for professional growth of all its employees.

Send us your CV

If you share our values and business vision we would like you to join us by sending your Curriculum Vitae.

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