We help our customers in the design and implementation of tangible and lasting improvements to their operations and processes.


berocam helps organizations turn their operations, processes and projects into a decisive competitive advantage and achieve breakthrough results. Our approach is highly pragmatic and quantitative. Understanding metrics and targets, helps us to be objective, and enables us to quantify the impacts of our recommendations.

We are also aware of the weight of subjective and qualitative factors (e.g. incentives, motivations, etc.) when we analyze problems. In a competitive and changing environment in which we live, it is mandatory to consider whether our processes and operations are appropriate, if they are as efficient as we need and if we achieve the expected results

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Our methodology consists of the following phases:

  • We clearly define our objectives, the organizations and the persons involved, as well as existing documentation and information (processes, contracts, systems...)
  • We realize multiple interviews to ensure a thorough understanding of issues, eventual inefficiencies, area interfaces, tools, times, internal WLA's and client SLA's.
  • We analyze the available data applying strong statistical criteria to quantify and validate all issues, revealing new insights for the organization.
  • We analyze gaps with best industry practices.
  • We define action plans and assist in their implementation through our project management methodology.
  • We analyze project results and define potential improvements targets.


Berocam performs business consulting projects for greater efficiency through digital transformation. Our methodology is based on the analysis of each area and the design of an action plan to achieve the objectives of our clients.

Through our expertise we provide evaluation, implementation and monitoring solutions in different projects: digital transformation, strategy, marketing, sales...


Berocam leads projects of assessment and implementation of technology solutions to improve internal management and business processes.

We help our clients in the analysis and redefinition of their processes to increase their productivity.

Our proposal is to simplify and automate the processes using the latest digital capabilities and tools. The redesign and automation of processes allows improving quality, speed and efficiency, as well as saving costs.


Berocam leads projects to increase operational efficiency in order to improve competitiveness outside and inside the company. We are firm believers in “thinking out the box” applied to process improvement. We have capabilities and our own methodology to span operations: digital operations strategy, performance improvement, customer experience management, partner management, outsourcing, quality, governance processes and reporting, operations performance analysis

We help our clients to transform operating models for the digital world and to make the operations more efficient. We implement innovative solutions to achieve the best results and provide immediate benefits.