We help our customers in the design and implementation of tangible and lasting improvements to their operations and processes.

Project Management

Our project management approach is straightforward and very practical because our consultants have hands-on experience cumulated in all kind of companies. Thus, we are able to identify risk, diagnose problems and apply optimal solutions, because we have already been there. We can provide different project management scopes, from a basic reporting and support level to an executive responsibility.

We use our project management methodology, which we improved over the years based from our experience in deploying projects, to efficiently support all project phases. We provide important knowledge in Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban…), Waterfall, Hybrids, Six-Sigma, Lean, etc. …

We understand the project management as a structure that standardizes governance processes related to projects, integrates project data and information, evaluates the fulfillment of the objectives and facilitates the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools and techniques.

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In Berocam we believe that the following factors must be considered in order to get maximum performance:

  • The expertise of its members
  • The maturity level of the organization in project management
  • Collaboration and coordination with other project stakeholders
  • Ensuring that the mission is clearly understood
  • Consistency and accessibility of all Data Sources


berocam has extensive experience in the development and implementation of projects for different areas of the telecommunications sector. We have been key actors in several network projects:

  • Network roll-out (Radio, FTTH, FTTN…)
  • Suppliers management
  • Site Sharing
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Quality (BQA, network quality…)
  • End user services and support


berocam has broad experience in IT, successfully managing multiple projects related to software development, IT program and cloud deployment and virtualization. Berocam ‘s services offer solutions related to IT:

  • Changes in the infraestructura with a direct effect on security and data management.
  • Unknown dependencies between software and hardware.
  • Reduce risks resulting from first time usage of this kind of technology