We help our customers in the design and implementation of tangible and lasting improvements to their operations and processes.

Data Analytics

Data Management

The exponential growth of data creation, management, storage and extraction from enterprises needs of a thorough control and management. The objective of such control is the extraction of reliable information and knowledge.

In order to guarantee the integrity of the data and provide quality information, berocam offers consulltancy services, and the integration and management of data during its complete life cycle

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  • ETL (Extract, transform and load) processes
  • Data quality
  • Datawarehouse
  • Master Data Management
  • Integration Cloud
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Security
  • Data Integration
  • Document & Content Management
  • Data structure
  • Meta-data management

Visualization & Reporting

We understand dashboards and executive reporting as an essential tool for senior management. They must be oriented to decision-making. They reflect the reality of business, engaging and motivating its lecture, also providing the largest number of ideas in the shortest time and ensuring that the messages received by the reader match the reality of the reported business.

Berocam’s Graphical Excellence in reporting and executive dashboards consists in a well-designed presentation, with the least amount of “ink”, of key business indicators, essential project data or the business situation.

We transform traditional, static, inconsistent and incoherent reports into straight forward solutions using digital Business Intelligence tools which provide reliable information as they are a unique “source of truth”.

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Our proposal is based on the design of a Digital Balanced Scorecard acting as a single reference for the operator's management with the following characteristics

  • Presentations which improve the user’s experience.
  • Scalable projects which evolve into more complex dashboards.
  • Dashboards can include historical data which allow users to select and compare past scenarios.
  • Information can be accessed easily via different devices and by several users.
  • All reports are updated depending on the client’s needs and requirements, offering the possibility of showing real time data.