We help our customers in the design and implementation of tangible and lasting improvements to their operations and processes.

Information Management & Governance (IM+G)

We understand dashboards and executive reporting as an essential tool for senior management. They must be oriented to action and decision-making. They reflect the reality of business, engaging and motivating its lecture, also providing the largest number of ideas in the shortest time and ensuring that the messages received by the reader match the reality of the reported business.

Berocam’s Graphical Excellence in reporting and executive dashboards consists in a well-designed presentation, with the least amount of “ink”, of key business indicators, essential project data or the business situation.

It is therefore a matter of content, a solid structured reasoning, a deep knowledge of the business and a design made to communicate the relevant data for the management team in the most clear, accurate and efficient way.

A basic component of our reporting is the delivery of visual and statistical analysis allowing the identification, via visual highlighting, of trends, anomalies, asymmetries and relevant information.

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Organizations have massive amounts of raw data that they use to manage their processes and projects, usually with difficulties. Berocam can help customers transform data into information; designing the best reports to manage projects and structuring an efficient Governance that lets you make proper decisions

We base our proposal on four pillars:

  • Our own and proved methodology that allows us to successfully tackle any project phase: Assessment, Design and Implementation
  • Our look and feel is based on Berocam’s Graphical Excellence, that we apply in every project and Service Line
  • The experience gained since our foundation
  • A team fully skilled to process massive data from multiple sources

We report using mainly Business Intelligence tools like Tableau® or advanced Powerpoint®.

Business Intelligence

The objective that guides our activity is the pursuit of new knowledge, relationships, weaknesses and opportunities on business performance and operations. Business Intelligence techniques can mine the data in order to understand the whole picture in an organization and recommend the best solutions to achieve its goals.

BI solutions provided by Berocam include:

  • Scorecards and dashboards showing the business performance to the management layer in a clear and intuitive way applying Berocam’s graphical excellence.
  • Interactive analysis through BI tools, which allows their users to select the information they need without resorting to IT departments to generate specific reports. It is necessary to go beyond traditional views of information in static presentations and allow users to select and manipulate only the data that interest them, choosing the best visualization to induce and promote data-driven decisions.
  • Advanced and predictive analysis applying comprehensive statistical methods.
  • Spreading efficiently and proactively information to multiple users, which helps consolidate it as the "one source of truth" in the company.

We use the following tools: SPSS®, Mathematica®, R, Tableau® and advanced Excel®

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Business Intelligence strategy should be seen as a creative process to find new ways of doing things, to generate value in a world of continuous change and to be effective in the short term, which requires:

  • Intelligence to create and share knowledge.
  • Ability to integrate and manage this knowledge.
  • Imagination to visualize alternative courses of action to the usual and analyze its consequences.
  • Expertise to manage resources and meet current needs while still building the desirable future.


Our PMOs approach is straightforward and very practical because our consultants have hands-on experience cumulated in vendor and operator companies. Thus, we are able to identify risk, diagnose problems and apply optimal solutions, because we have already been there. We can provide different PMO scopes, from a basic reporting and support level to an executive responsibility

We have been key actors in several network projects:

  • Radio: network modernization, 4G deployment, capacity and optimization plans, infrastructure sharing
  • Transmission: Microwave, Fiber, migration and architecture evolution
  • FTTH & xDSL

When a customer project management tool is not available, we customize our own web application to take control of all relevant data (milestones, dependencies, KPIs…)

We use our project management methodology, which we improved over the years based on our experience in deploying mobile and fixed telecommunication networks, to efficiently support all project phases.

Throughout the governance of our projects we take advantage of our IM+G standard to secure the transmission of all relevant information, ease its follow-up and direct it to action and decision-making.

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We are specialists in the application of project management methodology to achieve the objectives in the main phases of a project: Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing.

We understand the PMO as a management structure that standardizes governance processes related to projects, integrates project data and information, evaluates the fulfillment of the objectives and facilitates the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools and techniques.

In Berocam we believe that the following factors must be considered in order to get maximum performance from a PMO:

  • The expertise of the PMO and its members
  • The maturity level of the organization in project management
  • Collaboration and coordination with other project stakeholders
  • Ensuring that the mission of the PMO is clearly understood
  • Consistency and accessibility of all Data Sources

SagA is our project management web tool. Its main characteristics are:

  • Allows a collaborative model from the beginning to the end of the project
  • Homogenizes project management
  • Improves data quality
  • Deepens in project management
  • Flexible and managed by the own PM:configure projects, lets add and modify fields and tasks on the fly, edit profiles, access rights...
  • All the modules are based on Open Source code that does not require licenses

Process and operations assessment

Berocam leads projects to increase operational efficiency in order to improve competitiveness outside and inside the company.

Our approach is highly pragmatic and quantitative. Understanding metrics and targets, helps us to be objective, and enables us to quantify the impacts of our recommendations. We are also aware of the weight of subjective and qualitative factors (e.g. incentives, motivations, etc.) when we analyze problems.

We are firm believers in “thinking out of the box” applied to process improvement. In a competitive and changing environment in which we live, it is mandatory to consider whether our processes and operations are appropriate, if they are as efficient as we need and if we achieve the expected results

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Our methodology consists of the following phases:

  • We clearly define our objectives, the organizations and the persons involved, as well as existing documentation and information (processes, contracts, systems...)
  • We realize multiple interviews to ensure a thorough understanding of issues, eventual inefficiencies, area interfaces, tools, times, internal WLA's and client SLA's.
  • We analyze the available data applying strong statistical criteria to quantify and validate all issues, revealing new insights for the organization.
  • We analyze gaps with best industry practices.
  • We define action plans and assist in their implementation through our project management methodology.
  • We analyze project results and define potential improvements targets.

Digital Strategy

We help our clients to successfully face the need to become digital in these times of uncertainty and change for most sectors. We design the roadmap, to convert challenges into opportunities by defining strategic vectors and establishing stages of innovation and disruption. Our professionals have managed digital transformation projects for companies that were looking to adapt to the current environment and discover new business opportunities.

Digital Transformation programs & Change Management

We have helped our clients to succesfully implement digital transformation programs. Companies that implement change effectively give themselves a significant competitive edge by focusing on the factors that are essential to success.

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  • Ensuring Executional Certainty
  • Establishing effective sponsorship, governance and a program management office (PMO)
  • Enabling the extended leadership team
  • Engaging the organization in a broader sense

We apply John Kotter’s methodology in the transformation projects. This methodology is widely recognized in the market as the most solid and proven. In Berocam, based on the conceptual framework, we design and help our clients implement transformation programs.

Digital Balanced Score Card

Managing a large area or company is a very complex task. If you do not have the right information to know how the business is going, where to focus, what to fix and what to promote, where to invest ... you can make the wrong decisions.

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Our proposal is based on the design of a Digital Balanced Scorecard acting as a single reference for the operator's management with the following characteristics

  • It covers all functional areas of the company showing a selected set of KPIs
  • Its design is friendly, which motivates its reading, and provides the greatest number of ideas in the shortest time possible
  • It uses a consistent style with a very short learning curve
  • It is very action-oriented and focused on decision making
  • Its design is incremental and adds new sources of internal and external information in a very flexible way, which allows an increasingly comprehensive analysis of business reality

The Balance Scorecard is designed with a market leader Business Intelligence tool, such as Tableau or Qlik View, due to the many advantages that it provides:

  • Interactive reports. The user navigates through the report by selecting the information he needs to know and the right levels of detail and aggregation
  • All historical information is incorporated to the Scorecard, allowing the reader to compare past scenarios
  • Makes unnecessary the use of paper. Distribution and consultation is electronic and can be performed on-line
  • The information enters the Scoreboard at the same time that it is being provided, thus delayed receipt of information does not block the publication of the report